Welcome to my BandPage!

A few days ago I created my profile on BandPage – an internet portal I reccomend to all fellow musicians. For those who would like to remember my debut solo recording “Fortune my foe” (Carpe Diem Records 2010), I have uploaded Sweelink’s Fantasia Cromatica and Mein junges Leben hat ein End’. Enjoy!


More Press about “FROBERGER Suites & Toccatas”

I am happy to be featured also in a non Early-Music (or Classical) magazine. Thank you Christoph Kutzer for your wonderful words!

Also, a few days ago, my CD has been featured on WDR3. The review can be listened on demand here (German only).

I have included more press about “FROBERGER Suites & Toccatas” on the “Press” page. For updates feel free to check my tweets and my facebook fanpage.


Stay, O Sweet, and do not rise;
The light that shines comes from thine eyes;
The day breaks not, it is my heart,
Because that you and I must part.

Stay, or else my joys will die,
And perish in their infancy.

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General rehearsal for “LEBENSBILDER” (“Lifetime Images”), Ensemble LUXURIANS, a music & poetry project feat. “Iris” by Albrecht Dürer, with works by Dowland, Sweelinck, Shakespeare, Donne and others.
Photos by Jonas Niederstadt.

How deserted lies the city

How deserted lies the city, once so full of people! How like a widow is she, who once was great among the nations! She who was queen among the provinces has now become a slave.

Lamentation Wie liegt die Stadt so wüste (1663) by Matthias Weckmann (1616-1674) – out of a demo which I recorded in 2007, together with some of my exquisite colleagues: Margaret Hunter (Soprano), Matthias Gerchen (Baritone), Annika Schmidt & Roman Baykov (baroque violin), Christian Heim, Kaori Koike & Anja Engelberg (viola da gamba), Pär Engstrand (violone), Simon Linné (theorbo). Balance ingeneer: Matthias Nordhorn.

The Gift of Music #2

Soundfile with harpsichordist Marcelle de Lacour, found in the treasure box called Bibliothèque numérique Gallica:

♪ Tombeau de Mr de Blancrocher by Louis Couperin, Editions de L’Oyseau-Lyre, 1940.

Mme de Lacour was born in 1896 and lived 100 years. She founded the harpsichord class at the Conservatoire de Paris in 1955. She was a student of Wanda Landowska. According to the English Wikipedia page, she “helped to make harpsichord music fashionable”, whatever that means. At the moment, it seems that Mme de Lacour does not have a fanpage on the net, but a few soundfiles of her are available on YouTube.

The Gift of Music

Isolde Ahlgrimm, about one of ther war-time concerts in Vienna, 1945:

“In 1945, on the morning before a concert, the district where it was to be held was heavily bombed. I was sure that it would make little sense even to turn up at the hall, but in the end I decided to make my appearance. I walked through a depressing scene of rubble and broken glass only to find an expectant, hungry and war-weary audience that had also turned up at the hall and I played Mozart, including the D minor Fantasia. (more…)