The Boy Who Cried Wolf

While being interviewed, it is easy to realise – within seconds – how informed the person behind the microphone really is. It is your duty, dear fellow musician, to clear all doubts, myths and incorrect information while giving the interview; your chance is there, it’s not difficult to fulfill. You are representing – no matter how significantly – an art field, and probably you want your audience to understand it better. And those who are interested in your work, in your career, in the mechanism of your world, well you have the opportunity to demystify it, to explain and enlighten. (more…)


You’re in it for the music

Where did I hear or read that, that you need at least two out of three in order to make the job. And these three would be: quality, fun, and money. Anyway, even if I know my colleagues must be tired of this already, I keep quoting this a lot, and a second thought immediately comes along: “Most of the times, it’s just one”. Or, lately, something like “two halfs, or one and a half”. Something like that. (more…)

Three Sides Of Me

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” Ansel Adams

Thank you, Leif Marcus, for the time, the distance, the attention, for the way you choose your moments to capture the light and the moments which pass by so quickly. For the talks we had and the cigarettes we smoked together on that sunny afternoon. (more…)

To think of harpsichords as lovers

This idea came to me – consciously, at least – not long ago, one stormy and pitch-dark evening while practising in a church for next-day’s big concert featuring Gesualdo Consort in Leer/East Frisia. Huge rain drops whipping the streets of this otherwise cosy nordic German town made an almost deafening noise and it was cold outside – not at all an unsuitable atmosphere to practice my Sweelinck. The solid, spacious church was friendly enough with just a few indecisive ghosts wandering around, I felt fine. Only my first „date“ with the instrument did not go the way I hoped. (more…)