Fortune my foe: Sweelincks klavierwereld

a few (of the very many) nice memories I’ll keep from Utrecht Oude Muziek Festival 2012:

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© Jonas Niederstadt



  1. Great photos to remind us of Utrecht 2012. Thank you for the lovely recital in the Lutherse Kerk in Utrecht. And thanks for signing my copy of your new Froberger CD. I really enjoy your Sweelinck CD too.

  2. Excellent ! Bequeathing the highest standards of performeance.
    Recommended to those whose music passions linger between baroque and gothic….

    Leon Leenaarts

  3. I really hope you don’t mind I have put the music of your wonderful hpschd-recital of 2012 in Utrecht in the Lutherse Kerk at YouTube because I really enjoyed so many Sweelinck pieces in one concert and I enjoyed your return to Utrecht in 2014 too with Kerll and Froberger although the concerthall Leeuwenbergh is not as convenient as the Lutherse Kerk IMHO. Hope you will come back in 2015 when the virginalists are the central composers. Something to look forward to.

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