The Gift of Music #2

Soundfile with harpsichordist Marcelle de Lacour, found in the treasure box called Bibliothèque numérique Gallica:

♪ Tombeau de Mr de Blancrocher by Louis Couperin, Editions de L’Oyseau-Lyre, 1940.

Mme de Lacour was born in 1896 and lived 100 years. She founded the harpsichord class at the Conservatoire de Paris in 1955. She was a student of Wanda Landowska. According to the English Wikipedia page, she “helped to make harpsichord music fashionable”, whatever that means. At the moment, it seems that Mme de Lacour does not have a fanpage on the net, but a few soundfiles of her are available on YouTube.

One comment

  1. I must say that Marcelle de Lacour had many “fans” when she was alive. I was one of them. Many of her “soundfiles” have been remasterized by Joseph Peschon of “Flash Compact Editioun” in Luxembourg. It’s really a boon to listen to them again. She did a tremendous work in updating harpsichord music by playing modern pieces of composers such as Martinu, Florent Schmitt and many others.

    I think that her many potential fans will materialize when they will ba able to listen to those remasterized pieces on CDs.

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